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Ministry: The act of serving 

Culinary Ministry – Our mission is to increase the family environment at Loving Springs, by ministering to members and visitors alike through the fellowship of breaking bread together. Responsibilities include coordinating menus and preparing meals served during church fellowships and weekly Youth Ministry meetings. Outreach to feed families in need throughout the year. 

Minister of Culinary – Sis. Mildred Hayden 

Ministry of Excellence – In charge of the organization and maintenance of our church calendar and communications. Prayerfully make suggestions that may help the church obtain order, which will allow for a more worshipful experience at the Loving Springs Baptist Church. 
Minister of Excellence – Sis. Angela Campbell 

Music Ministry – Our mission is to exalt the Lord in praise and song and to come into his presence. Through the use of anointed voices and instruments the purpose is to motivate, enlighten, heal, and inspire for God's Praise. Responsibilities include providing music through song and instruments during worship experiences. Leading each worship experience and musical workshops at the Loving Springs Baptist Church. 

+ Brotherhood Choir

+ Mass Choir

+ Youth and Young Adult Choir 

Minister of Music – Sis. Linda ‘Gina’ Britt 

Transportation Ministry – Our mission to “Move Souls for the Lord.” We provide safe transportation for the people in our congregation and community to and from Loving Springs Baptist Church. Responsibilities include providing reliable transportation to and from worship experiences by means of buses and vans. Ensuring the cleanliness and maintenance of the church vehicles. Maintaining an accurate schedule of pick-ups in and around the community. 

Minister of Transportation – Deacon Lester Johnson 

Maintenance Ministry – Our mission is provides a pleasant, inviting atmosphere for all congregants and visitors by keeping all church properties safe, well-kept and in good working order. Responsibilities include presenting our church in an attractive, inviting frame to all who attend by the beauty of nature on the church grounds and by upkeep of the physical building & property. 

Minister of Maintenance – Deacon Paul Bradley 

Technology Ministry – Our mission is to provide the Loving Springs with the technological mastery in the areas of audio, visual and sound system management for the need of the every worship experience in praising God. Responsibilities include ensuring the audio systems, visual equipment and sound systems are operating appropriately for the use of promoting a spirit-filled worship experience for members and guests. Creating recordings of worship services for distribution to those unable to attend. 


Usher’s Ministry - Our mission is to ensure that the needs and comfort of all God’s people are met while at our sanctuary. To welcome all that enters into His house and serve all with the joy of the Lord. Responsibilities include greeting and seating each person that enters into the Church. Ensuring all members and visitors are comfortable and lends spiritual dignity to the worship service. Assisting in promoting a worshipful experience by readily meeting the needs of the Pastor and the congregation. 

Minister of Usher Ministry – Sis. Bernice Moore